Did You Know it is More Important to Not Eat the Things We Shouldn't Than to Eat the Things We Should?

When I do home visits to help with children’s mental health, almost all parents tell me they eat healthy.

I believe that they believe that.

Due to the vast misinformation out there given by the powerful and deep pocketed food and drug industries, true nutrition is not promoted, and “health foods” may be eaten that are depriving your child of just that. It is difficult to tell what is actually healthy, and what is just really great promotional skills. 

Take whole grain wheat, or dairy, for example. Thought of as a health foods, but are they really? Could these foods be causing a whole host of health problems brought on by inflammation? For most people, Yes!

What about fruits and vegetables. They have to be good for us, right? 

Yes, but did you know that even some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables could be causing an individualized inflammatory response?

Everyone has foods to which they are intolerant.

This makes eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods very difficult.

There really is no one size fits all diet.

And, to make matters worse, intolerance to certain foods can change over time.

For example, years ago I got onto a spinach and cashew kick. I had heard about the health benefits of both and perhaps I went a bit overboard. Okay. A lot overboard. I had it almost every day for a year. Halfway through that year, I was beginning to have digestive issues. I did not suspect that these issues were due to a new intolerance to spinach and to cashews! 

It took a very lovely patient to bring in a book called Diet Wise, by Dr. Keith Scott- Mumby. 

That book changed my life, and the lives of many of my patients. I bought several copies and left them in the waiting lounge. 

I found out, that even if you are eating healthy foods from Mother Nature, you can OVER DO it and become intolerant!

Food intolerance causes chronic inflammation, which then causes reduced nutrient absorption, leaky gut, and Blood Brain Barrier leakiness!

Yikes! That is the underlying cause of most diseases of mind and body! 

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby opened my eyes to something wonderful; the elimination diet and the rotation diet. I found out, through eliminating all the foods that I ate and CRAVED on a daily basis, which foods I could not tolerate in order to experience awesome health. He also introduced me to the fact that it was:


   More Important To Not Eat What You Shouldn’t
Than To Eat What You Should


 After my elimination diet, I felt terrific. I had to give up things that I really did not wish to give up, but, in my mind, how I felt was way more important than what I ate. And, I came up with some really clever and delicious substitutions!

I wanted the world to feel as I felt. I told patients, friends, family... Even strangers might have gotten “wind” of my new found knowledge. Okay, I get a little excited about things...

But, I found out, much to my dismay, that not everyone was as excited to give up the foods they so love!

How could I better help these people feel amazing? Especially children. How could I make children feel focused, energized, and on top of the world?

I found two practitioners in my home town that did muscle testing (Autonomic Response Testing or ART) to test against food intolerance using simple muscle testing.


But… I was the eternal skeptic. How could holding food up to your arm weaken or strengthen your arm muscles? I simply had to check it out for myself.

I made my hour long appointments to get muscle tested at both offices. This, I thought, was really a good experiment to see if 1) they came up with the same results, and 2) if their results matched to what I had already experienced in my own elimination diet.

At the testing, I did not reveal that I was a holistic dentist, or that I had already uncovered some foods to which I was intolerant. I was in cognito.

There were various common and some uncommon foods placed in opaque numbered vials so as to not be visible or read. There was no way for me to consciously or unconsciously know what was in each vial. Clever. I had brought in samples of foods that I felt they would not already have such as my superfoods (spirulina, goji berries, longan berries, etc). They too were placed in vials and distributed randomly throughout the testing.

I was surprised to find that I could not control my muscle reaction to certain foods, even when I tried to counteract the response! The food stressed the muscle electromagnetically.

I had to apologize to my practitioners because I really was not the best patient :-/ I had to know if it was hocus pocus… Luckily, both practitioners were quite competent and invited challenge. They both welcomed my skepticism, thank goodness.

I was truly astonished with the results. They matched my own home elimination diet testing! I had not even given a hint to each that I had, in fact, done my own testing! Their list was more exhaustive of things that I did not eat on a regular basis because they were not in the category of health or I just did not eat them. It was still good to know in case I come across such ingredients.

One such item was refined sugar. I took sugar out of my diet years ago because of acne and headaches. As a teen, I found that when I ate sugar, I would “break out” and have a headache. I avoided it as much as was controllable with good success. It made me laugh when sugar came up on my testing as a major no-no.

One practitioner took the testing one step further. He tested for reactions to nutrients that may be lacking in my body, such as magnesium and glutathione, in my case. This, too, amazed me because as soon as I acknowledged these deficiencies and rectified it, I felt EVEN BETTER! My mind became increasingly clear and focused. My memory improved. I even gained more energy and muscle tone. I guess I did not know that I could feel better than I already did. It made sense in retrospect because my job included the removal of mercury fillings daily. My mercury levels, even though I protected myself (and my patients) through a ventilator, was still sky high. The increase in Glutathione helped me detox the remaining mercury that was causing some mental fog. 

So now, when parents tell me that their child could not possibly go through my previously suggested elimination diet, I highly recommend seeing a practitioner that performs muscle testing using a food and nutrient kit. Took one hour, approximately, and I paid less than $200. Money very well spent! 

After my appointments, I took all of my children, one by one. I had already done an elimination diet with them, but the muscle testing for kids was  more accurate and less biased than I could test by asking questions about how they felt. Poop, of course, does not lie. Hyperactivity does not lie. And, acne does not lie. But, there were things that I had certainly missed. 

I have to admit I had a love/hate relationship with the results. Not only were all the results different from each other, but each list included foods that they LOVED. Being that I am a chronic pleaser AND am the family member in charge of planning and making meals for a family of 9, some of the changes were difficult. I found out that the more children you have, the more challenging healthy eating becomes when taking into account individual intolerances :-/

In the end, I put their health in front of my and their feelings, and I am so glad I did. Emotional problems dissipated in the teens, any hyperactivity was calmed in the younger ones. Boundless, well-directed energy and happiness became the norm around here! I can’t remember the last time any of my children had a cold or illness of any sort. It is amazing what inflammation avoidance can do for your mind and immune system! 

Now that it has been years since our family’s elimination diet and the muscle testing, we will need to retest to see if any changes have occurred. I have tried to remain on a rotation diet of eating food families once in a four day period so as to not overdo any one family again, even if it is touted as a health food. It is still good to test once in a while to ensure that you are not eating something new that is causing inflammation.

Help your child figure out through muscle testing, the foods that are causing inflammation, so that they may avoid them and become more focused, happy, healthy, and …




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