Do You Have Chlorine in Your Water?


According to Dr. Herbert Schwartz, PhD biologist/chemist, chlorine should be banned. He states that it contributes to cancer, heart trouble, premature senility, and mental and physical conditions, as well as… aging, by converting to dioxins and accumulating over time in our bodies.

Kevin Richardson, in his eye opening book The Miracle Cure, Nature’s Simple Solution For All Diseases, discusses how appalling the amount of chlorine is in our water supply and in our swimming pools. In fact, he reveals that the amount of chlorine in a typical swimming pool is 1000 times the level deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency! How is that okay??

I think it is safe to say that children spend more time, on average, in a pool, and they swallow much more pool water than adults typically do. Also, they play in the bathtub for longer periods of time, soaking in all the chlorine from our toxic water supply. Skin is semi-permeable, meaning that it allows chemicals, including chlorine and all sorts of pharmaceuticals and herbicides/pesticides that are not removed from our water supply, to pass through our skin surfaces. That is a lot of surface area from which to soak up chemicals when in a pool or in a tub.

We know chlorine converts to harmful dioxins and accumulates in the body, so we can easily imagine what our little children are soaking in through their skin and through ingestion… 

So, do we have to give up swimming and bathing? Absolutely not! There is actually a very healthy, and environmentally friendly alternative, that is brain boosting! 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).  According to the research done by Dr. Kevin Richardson, H2O2 is in raindrops, in breast milk, in fresh fruits and vegetables, is manufactured in our bodies, and is needed to support our immune system. 

There are MANY benefits of  H2O2 because it breaks down to water and oxygen. 

We all need food, water and oxygen to live. We can go a certain amount of time without food, less time without water, but because 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, without it, we die in minutes. In fact, with suboptimal oxygen levels, our health declines, our immune system fails, and our brains fall short in performing the easiest of tasks, let alone difficult thinking tasks. Our mood is drastically affected a decrease in oxygen intake, as well as our reactions to actions (emotions). 

You can feel this right now by taking three slow deep breaths. This simple but vital concept of increasing oxygen intake has been forgotten by most of us day to day. It is unfortunate that we even have to concern ourselves with the amount of oxygen we breathe, but, because of pollution, oxygen is not as abundant in our air.  

And, for optimal mental and physical health, you MUST have optimal oxygen.


Many fitness and health gurus recommend deep breathing. There is also several oxygen therapies like hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy, or the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. (The latter two should be reserved for physical or mental illness. The cost may prohibit prevention).  

In addition to deep breathing periodically throughout the day (three deep breaths hourly would be a good goal for your child), you could easily supplement your child’s water just by adding a drop or two of oxygenating 35% food grade H2O2. Add 2 tablespoons to their bath water. Cleanse the hot tub and pool with oxygen and health giving H2O2 instead of health and mind depleting chlorine. 

It works wonderfully. Our maintenance on our pool and hot tub went down to almost zero when we made the switch. I was simply amazed, and a little bit annoyed that we had used chemicals for so long. 

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

Now, I can not unknow! I tell everyone about this simple switch whether or not they want to hear it. In fact, I just advised my mother and father today to be sure to cleanse their new hot tub with H2O2! The universe definitely has some funny coincidences.  

Switching to hydrogen peroxide turns your pool or hot tub into a mentalhealth spa for your child (and you! It is also anti-aging :-))

So easy.

Just add a drop or two 35% food grade H2O2 (purchased at a compounding pharmacy) to their filtered water once a day and have them deep breathe often to ensure that they are maximizing their oxygen for their growing little brains. Also, make the switch to H2O2 cleansing in your pool and hot tub!

Adding H2O2 to drinking water, pools, hot tubs, and bathtubs will increase vital oxygen and help ensure that your child maintains a great mood, stable emotions, a clear thinking mind, and becomes truly…


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