Even Cows Don't Drink Milk

Pasteurized conventional milk is toxic. Sad, but true.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love milk. I have always loved milk. I love cheese. I love sour cream. I drank milk practically since birth. I was a premie twin, and was not breast fed, so milk was introduced quite early. As I got older, I learned that dairy was an entire food group out of only FOUR on the food guide for good health! So I drank to my heart's content. If a little was good, more had to be better, right? I ate every kind of cheese… a through and through dairy lover…..

Unfortunately, it doesn't love me back.

Growing up, I was not the healthiest of kids. I had at least three colds a year that seemed to last for weeks on end. I had chronic cough, and was always "stuffy". I had skin and acne problems in my teen years. I was always constipated. In fact, I did not know any different. I had several earaches every year, and headaches almost everyday. Doctors said I just needed to wash my hands more, or that my hormones were “changing”. I was destined to a life on Advil and cough syrup….. 

My “symptoms” lasted until years after I graduated university. I just put up with my month-long coughs and the near constant headaches. When I worked, I often had to leave quickly to go and cough uncontrollably for a few minutes, take cough medicine and breath in steam, then return. It was embarrassing to say the least, and very frustrating. The headaches were annoying, but I had had them so long they were my "normal".

Little did I know, it was all because of something I was eating and drinking.


Dairy is the most common hidden allergy for children, and the second most common hidden allergy for adults. (By hidden, I mean that it is not obvious that the symptoms are linked to the food source). Finding this out was very sad because I had such a love for the entire food group. It was such a heart break that it took me some time after knowing this to let it go completely. If you read my last post, we actually go through withdrawal from our allergens, similar to that of a drug addict! That was certainly the case for me, and for my children. But, now that I, and all my children, have given up dairy, we will never look back.

Luckily, there are some really excellent alternatives that actually give you nutrients, not illness. No depriving necessary. There are nut milks, nut cheeses, coconut milk, and coconut creams. All very delicious. Avoid any soy dairy as it is fraught with many health issues, including hormonal issues due to it's high estrogen component, and it is often laced with pesticides as soy beans are most commonly genetically modified and heavily sprayed with glyphosates. Both are not brainiac makers.

Not convinced? I am not surprised. Dairy propaganda has certainly worked very well. Every mother I knew said “Drink your milk” when we were growing up, as if one couldn't possibly be healthy without it. And now it is the “Got Milk?” campaign that has given a renewed interest in making sure everyone has milk daily. They are going so far as to say we will be “calcium deficient” if we don’t drink milk! They say we will have weak bones and teeth, and even weak muscles…..

Not at all true.

Not even cows drink milk past infancy! How can it be that we are the only creatures on earth that need milk? In North America, we consume the most dairy in the world, yet we have the highest rates of osteoporosis. More women die of fractured hips than in any other part of the world. Could it be that osteoporosis is not caused by a milk deficiency?

How can the dairy industry explain that in the cultures that are dairy-free, we see very few incidents of osteoporosis. That is until they migrate here and eat our nutrient deplete pasteurized dairy.

Osteoporosis is a nutritional deficiency. It can be caused by dairy, or any hidden allergy that inflames the gut, thereby not allowing nutrients, if any, to be absorbed. There is good calcium in all sorts of vegetables, we just need to be able to absorb it.

We do not need dairy to be healthy. On the contrary, we need to avoid pasteurized conventionally raised dairy. (Raw milk has many benefits, but is difficult to find and it is illegal in most states and all provinces. That is a story for another post).

Why be so hard on conventional milk? If you have ever been to a dairy farm, and/or tested the milk to see what is actually in the milk, you will understand why. Pasteurization is merely a “safer” way to pass dirty milk. Blood, puss, urine, and feces are all found in milk. Sure it is cooked, but it is still present. And, with this high heat, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed.

Apart from pasteurization, cows in captivity have higher stress hormones (that go into their milk) and they are fed an unnatural diet of pesticide ridden GMO grains, which affects the nutrient output of the milk. The cows are given unnatural hormones to produce more milk, as well as antibiotics to decrease disease, and blood and puss from the teats going into the milk. Disease would go rampant in such dirty tight living quarters.These hormones and antibiotics make it into the milk potentially causing health issues in those that drink it. This is one of the reasons why our gut flora is so out of whack.

How does all of this affect the brains of our children?

When their gut flora is not optimal, their brains are not optimal.

When they drink the hormones from the milk, their brains are not optimal.

When they have gut inflammation and reduced nutrient uptake, their brains are not optimal.

If you are reading this blog, you are on a quest to make your child unstoppable and as smart and happy as they can be. Dairy is nothing more than big business. It is not a health initiative and will not allow your child to reach his full potential. It needs to go.

Have your child give up ALL dairy for a full 10 days. See how they feel after the 10 day mark. I bet there are many symptoms linked to dairy. If you think it may be just coincidental, reintroduce milk for 1 day. Note how your child feels that day and the next. That will most certainly confirm that cutting out all dairy is doing the right thing.

Be strong and watch how much more amazing your child will be! Watch them become.....


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