First Step To Making Your Child UNSTOPPABLE

Kids are born with a blank slate. Sure, they have the bases for a personality, and prenatal nutrition plays a large role, but, with neuroplasticity, they can be moulded and guided to be the kid, and the eventual adult you want them to be. 

In addition to ensuring your child eats a variety of whole foods, drinks adequate water, incorporates fermented foods into their, and  exercises, the WAY we PARENT is paramount to what kind of kid you get. 

I read long ago that either you put your time in when your child is young, or you are forced to put your time in when your child is older. The latter is not an advisable, pleasant, or fair to anyone, especially the child.

We all know what I am talking about. We have all seen teenagers that are mouthy, lazy, entitled, and disrespectful. There are many of them out there. This is not what anyone wishes for themselves, but more importantly, it is not what anyone would wish for for their child. It is stressful and is a constant battle at that stage of the game.

What is it you wish for? Take out a piece of paper and write down all the qualities you would want in your child when they are thirty. Just as a builder plans out a project with the end in mind, so too can we plan out the "building" of our child.

Think about exactly what you want. Do you want your child to be living at home when he/she is 30? Do you want him/her to have a meaningless mindless job that he/she is not passionate about? Do you want him/her to be on antidepressants? Antianxiety drugs? Have relationship troubles? Have no motivation to get a job/career that they love? Have no hobbies? Have no true fun? Miss out on experiencing the world?

This type of adult exists everywhere,  and it is our job, our DUTY, to ensure that our child does better.

We CAN do better.

Ideally, at thirty, I would want my child to wake up each day energized and focused. I want him/her to have a career that makes a difference to others and gives them a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. I would want him/her to be in love and in a mutually respectful relationship. I want him/her to be truly happy. I would want him/her to have genuine friends and great hobbies, and to be able to travel and experience the world. The list goes on. 

Make your list as specific as possible. Visualize what your child will be like to the smallest of details. Look at this list daily and study it. Feel it. Let it be real in your mind with all 5 senses.

If you can visualize this with your five senses daily, you will have a much easier time consistently striving for it.

It is not easy to be a great parent, but visualizing the end result, and visualizing the joy of having terrific children, will make each parenting decision easier. As your child gets older and is a joy to be with, you will know that it was all worth it.

Part 2 will delve further....

Make your list today and start visualizing your brainiac being........








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