Help your Child Improve Focus and Attention

The subconscious mind is amazingly influential in every decision your child makes. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but sometimes, it can be harmful and keep your child from reaching his full potential.

How can you ensure that the subconscious is working for your child and not limiting him?

One way is through meditation. Mediation has been practiced by the greatest of minds for thousands of years. In fact, there is new scientific evidence all the time of it's vast benefits.

How can meditation help your child? For starters, it can help train her attention so that the distractions of everyday life do not affect her. This allows for better concentration, focus, and logical thinking, giving better understanding and a vastly improved memory. It is astounding how much more vital information is retained at a deeper level when something is truly learned and understood. The increase in attention that meditation encourages allows for this increase in understanding. 


Imagine your child soaking up the information given and actually learning it at a deeper than rote memory level? This is the kind of learning needed for an unstoppable brainiac. This is the kind of learning needed for our future generations. We live in a world of constant energy sapping distractions. TV, videos, commercial after commercial, billboards everywhere. It is difficult to see the beautiful nature and the calm that should be our existence when there are so many things fighting for attention. 

We can do amazing things when we can focus on the good calm things in life, and vital learning, and not have your focus divided on non-vital information. 

And, that is not all. Mediatation brings happiness. Scientifically proven! Once your child calmly focuses and gets rid of all the garbage collected in the distracted brain, the brain naturally is happy. Chade-Meng Tan, in his book Search Inside Yourself, said happiness is your default state when all the stress is taken away and the subconscious limiting beliefs are removed. Meditation allows for a clearer look at the world and allows your child not to worry so much about the little unimportant things. They begin to see the big picture, and lose their dwelling on the negative.

With so many children suffering from depression or hyperactivity, if there is a non-medicated way to calm them, and make them alert and happy, wouldn’t everyone want to do this for their child? Meditation is scientifically proven to do this. Perhaps doctors should prescribe this before resorting to medication. 

So, how do we do it? How can we get an overactive 4 year old to calmly sit for 5-20 minutes and meditate? It does take time and practice, but they will surprise you! I suggest doing it with them. Sit on the floor crossed legged and upright. Ensure they are not slouching. Have quiet surroundings or light background music. Ask your child to close their eyes and relax. Ask them to breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose and exhale slowly. Have them notice the air and pretend the air has a colour with each breath they take. Perhaps they can imagine the air going into their chest one colour, and back out another colour, or that the air takes on a shape once it leaves them. Let them have fun with it, as long as it is a calm focus.

Start with 5 minutes three times a week. (Place a timer because children get distracted with the thought that they may go past the 5 minute mark). You want to encourage them to let go of all distractions and just concentrate on their breath.

Add a few minutes and another session every other week. Reward them for remaining calm. I give my children a star on our responsibility chart if they were able to keep calm, quiet, and kept their eyes closed lightly. This encourages them to try, and then, as if by magic, they will not need your help at all. They will be trained to meditate, and hopefully continue this habit lifelong.

Adding meditation to the daily routine may seem like it takes up valuable time, but it actually gives you time. It is your time, and your child’s time, and it makes all the other daily tasks go smoother, more efficient, and with much less stress.

Life becomes effortless with meditation.

What a great gift to give to your child. Practice meditation and slowly increase the time and frequency, and they will be well on their way to being calm, attentive, smart, happy, and…


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