How Grounding Helps Your Brain

Energy is wonderful and has certainly advanced our lives, but it can also be disruptive to the body and brain in ways that we are just beginning to uncover. Wifi, for example, is invisible but is all around us, as is electromagnetic fields (EMFs). In fact, it is now believed that this energy is partly or entirely to blame for many ailments.

Inflammation is a prime example. It is greatly exacerbated by this energy, and has been documented to be part of almost all chronic disease, including afflictions of the brain.

What can your child do to avoid and repair the damage of these energetic forces? 

She can take her shoes off and go outside!

 James Oschman, Gaetan Chevalie, and A. Clinton Ober  wrote the Biophysics of Earthing (Grounding) The Human Body (2015). In this informative book, they show, through evidence-based science, that grounding with the earth helps balance hormones, balance the nervous system, reduce inflammation (which lowers all disease), improve and speed healing, improve blood glucose regulation, reduce cortisol release, reduce stress, achieve a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, and boost mood. 

All these benefits and more from simply connecting to the earth! Saturating the body with the Earth's electrons and reaping all the earth's benefits. We all know that we just feel better when our feet are in lush grass or in the sand at the beach.

Unfortunately, those of us in the more northern hemispheres can not easily do this year round, so we must ground ourselves in other ways. Luckily, there are grounding mats that can be home made or bought that your child can lay on, or put on their pillow while they sleep, erasing the damage from the negative effects of our technological world. 

How long does your child have to ground? Twenty minutes a day has been shown to be advantageous, yet the effects are felt immediately. Good rule of thumb is the longer the better. So, encourage no shoes as much as is safe.

Not only will being barefoot on the ground improve mood of your child and reduce their stress response, it will help make your child....



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