How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy

Children love the food that they love, and they love to eat.

Quite often, unfortunately, they love nutritionally deplete, chemically laden, processed food that should never be eaten by anyone, let alone a growing child.

A brain needs a lot of good fat, some good quality protein, clean pure water, and an adequate amount of nutrients to function properly. If these elements are not met, or the toxicity levels of the food are high, the brain (and body) suffers.

It really is no wonder why so many children are depressed, acting out, hyper, bullying, lazy...... Many do not have the nutrients their poor little brains need to be optimal.

Every child wants to be happy and to feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. This is a well known fact. If their brains and their brain chemistry cause them to misbehave or be depressed, that love may not be obvious to them, thereby exacerbating the misbehaviour or depression.

Nutrition is key. 

How can you get your child to eat the things they dislike? Well, repetition is important, and not giving into the demands of the child. It takes around 16 times to eat a food you dislike and eventually like it.

They will rebel. Be prepared. Have all temptations removed from the house so that you do not have to rely solely on your willpower. They will want the processed food that they are used to having, and that their friends have, and will beg you for it.

This is very hard.

We love our children, and when they beg for fishy crackers, our hearts break because we know they love them so much.  It is incredibly unfortunate that these processed foods even exist.

It is tough to be tough.

We have a choice. Ween them off slowly, or go cold turkey.  At my house, we went cold turkey. I tell them there are two things for dinner....

Take it, or leave it.

They get to decide. I never force feed them. I just give a few healthy options, and that is it. If they choose the "leave it" option, they won't starve. They will eat it in time.

At your house, they will eventually love healthy foods, and dislike the processed junk. Their tastes will change. They will crave a carrot instead of a pretzel! Believe it! When they go to a buffet style party, they will gravitate to the salads and the vegetables. It's a wonderful thing and you will feel proud. Not only will you have a child that is healthy, happy, calm, smart, and well behaved, but you will have a child with motivation and capabilities that are.......



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