Improve Focus in Just Seconds a Day!

Looking back at your child's report cards, do they consistently say he or she does not sit still? Has trouble with attention? Does not follow instructions? Does not have initiative?

They may be lacking in focus.

Don't you wish there were a magic potion that could help with focus and concentration? It would be a game changer, right?

Well, there are a few things that can easily be incorporated into the routine of your child that will undoubtedly increase attention span and help improve concentration and focus.  

Now, you know DIET is pivotal to brain health. This blog is assuming you have improved the diet of your child by reading and incorporating the advice given previously. This quick habit is in addition to a healthy diet.

How can you help optimize the brain potential of your child?  

One excellent addition is Marine Phytoplankton.

If you think about it, phytoplankton is at the bottom of the food chain. It has supported ocean life for BILLIONS of years. It still FULLY supports the largest animal in the world, the blue whale. David Wolfe, in his book Superfoods, states that marine phytoplankon, all forty thousand species of them, make up 1/4 of all vegetation on earth, and provides 90% of the oxygen we breathe! This is more oxygen than all the trees put together! They are vital little guys to all life on this planet! 

This is why I decided to start talking about Focus with marine phytoplankton.

They are simply amazing living organisms that have survived and thrived throughout all of the earth's historical challenges.

How can Marine phytoplankton help your child? Well, those microscopic prehistoric organisms contain EVERY nutrient and amino acid a cell needs for both cell creation and cell maintenance. This includes every nutrient and amino acid for the cells of...

the brain!  

Yes! Marine Phytoplankton can easily and effectively cross the blood-brain barrier, delivering all that is necessary to nourish neurons!  

Amazing right? Remember the magic potion idea? This may very well be it! 

So, what else can this magic potion do for your child's brain other than improve focus? Marine Phytoplankton

  • stimulate neurotransmitter production, which, as we saw in a previous post, helps with motivation, happiness, feelings of well being, self starting, and calms anxiety in general.
  • help with memory and retention of information, and
  • help increase energy throughout the day, and
  • help provide better quality of sleep at night. 

Energy and sleep could improve all facets in a child's life! Imagine the difference this alone could make.

Wait! There's more!

Going off the brain benefits for a moment, other benefits to this superfood include improved

  • digestion,
  • circulation,
  • immune function,
  • vision,
  • strength,
  • normalization of weight,
  • detoxification,
  • cell recovery after injury,
  • and a decrease in inflammation, which is beneficial to avoiding all disease. 

Personally, I sneak a few drops of this not-so-tasty powerhouse into smoothies or juices for my children daily. They are not in love with the taste when it is simply in water. I can not blame them... Luckily, it is virtually undetectable in a smoothie or a fresh juice!

I have to admit, daily phytoplankton has had tremendous advantages in the health and mental focus and well being of our family. I only wish it had of been available in health food stores for my older children when they were younger! (Sorry guys).

Next step is to simply add a few drops of Marine Phytoplankton to your child's everyday routine to help them be happy, rested, motivated, focused, energetic, and... 


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