Increase Focus in Seconds!

Children are back to their new school routines. They have had to adjust to a new sloowww pace. All of a sudden, they are forced to pay attention to their teachers and maintain laser focus on tasks ALL DAY in order to excel. They are expected to behave differently and follow rules and routines that they did not have ALL summer long...

This change, not surprisingly, is a BIG challenge for some children.

Some kids are excited to go back to school and focus naturally. Having assignments and completing them well excites them, motivates them, drives them… 

What can we do with the others that struggle to stay on task? The children that struggle to think clearly or get distracted easily? 

Luckily, nature has our back! In addition to a healthy diet including probiotics, (which really is key to a healthy brain both emotionally and functionally), exercise, and meditation, there are some incredible essential oils from mother nature herself that can give a child that extra edge and motivation. 

Essential oils are almost magical. They are a very inexpensive way to maintain great mental and physical health.

We know that plants have evolved over millions of years. They have developed and perfected, over that time, through survival of the fittest, metabolites that help them survive generation to generation. It is these metabolites that are of therapeutic value to us in the essential oils. They are not man made chemicals. They are actually an enormous amount of evolution in each drop. Man can not duplicate it.

Essential oils affect our physiology in different and wonderful ways, depending on the plant molecules and their resulting molecules when mixed together.

I, for one, am the eternal skeptic, but have simply been blown away by the health promoting benefits. Amazingly, the molecules in each essential oil drop work at an intercellular level, easily cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), and can influence all facets of health, intelligence, and emotional wellbeing.

It is no wonder they have stood the test of time for thousands of years!

Without getting too scientific, some essential oil molecules have the ability to change the shape of proteins and enzymes. Some can modify gene expression of specific cells. Others can increase or decrease the electrical signalling of a cell, turn cellular receptors on or off, or even influence production of neurotransmitters or mimic specific neurotransmitters! The list goes on... Suffice it to say… essential oils are powerful amazing little drops! 

We know that essential oils have been used for thousands of years. In fact, it was used as currency for many cultures. The bible refers us to Frankincense and myrrh as being two of the three gifts given to Jesus when he was born.

More recently, however, scientific investigation into the molecules that make up the extracted plant oils have been profiled and categorized based on the unique shape and chemistry of each. Many have been found to have very specific health and healing properties, much like our ancestors already knew. This scientific evidence and understanding of the mode of action, however, is what is causing the recent popularity of oils to soar in many medical communities. The knowledge and proof of efficacy is irrefutable. And, because the oils are categorized by constituents, the benefits an individual is looking for are now easy to find! No shaman needed!

In addition to single oils and their resulting effects, combinations of molecules made by blending or layering certain oils are being investigated for their differing and synergistic effects. The blending is limitless! Many healthful blends are already known and categorized. As a rule of thumb, oils mix well with oils containing similar constituents and can very easily be a super power blend to conquer whatever health issue you are fighting.

Alfa pinene, for example, is a constituent found in Frankincense. When applied topically, ingested orally, or absorbed via the olfactory system (aromatically), it can help create calm, focus, and a feeling of wellbeing, as well as a whole host of other health benefits. 

Linalool in Lavender helps reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Other constituents in lavender work together to reduce allergies, help heal burns, scars, cuts, blisters, pink eye, nosebleeds, bug bites, hives, help reduce blood pressure and headaches, and encourage emotional well-being. All this from a drop. Due to it's many benefits, Lavender is the most used essential oil in the world.

Blending or layering these with oils that have similar or complimentary constituents has a synergistic effect on the beneficial property. This is very evident in DoTerra’s InTune Focus blend of oils that include Amyris, Patchouli, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood, and Roman Chamomile. This particular blend of oils helps children (and adults) overcome ADD/ADHD, tame over- or under-active brain activity, improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration, is calming and grounding, helps fight nervousness, anxiety, depression, and even reduces seizures! These benefits are just the tip of the ice burg as to the benefits. Who couldn’t use some (or all) of those?  And… it is from plants with NO side effects!

No pharmaceutical drug and it’s list of side effects or price tag needed! And, no additional drugs needed to counter the first drug's negative side effects!

You get the picture…

Essential oils are extremely quick and easy to use. The Focus blend described above, for example, comes in a roller bottle diluted with coconut oil and ready to roll on the back of the neck, under noses, and on the bottoms of feet! So easy, a small child could do it themselves. Children can be taught to recognize feelings of, say, anxiety, lack of focus, or lack of motivation, and to use the essential oils to help alleviate these unwanted feelings. 

For my children, I send them to school with a bracelet that has beads on it. One of the beads is absorbent so that it can hold an essential oil for breathing in aromatically. When unmotivated or distracted, they simply breathe in the aromatic oil from the bracelet. I usually put wild orange on the bead as it helps with productivity and motivation, reduces any stressful or overwhelm feelings, reduces anxiety, depression, fear, irritability, AND increases creativity, energy, and helps with concentration. 


Works like a charm…literally!   

I also send them with a keychain that holds small essential oil bottles, and the focus blend in a roller bottle. Before school, we roll the Focus Blend on the bottoms of their feet and back of the neck. For the rest of the day, it is up to them as to whether or not more is needed, or whether or not they need an additional drop to inhale from the bead. They can use the roller when they feel tired, distracted, anxious, or they just need a pick me up! The absorbent bead is there for any of the single oils that may be of benefit aromatically. I pack Lavender to calm (or for scrapes and bruises), peppermint for a pick me up, wild orange for energy, Frankincense for focus. I also pack the On Guard DoTerra blend for direct use in sanitizing and for colds (which, by the way, my children no longer get), and tea tree for any skin irritation. My youngest is 6, and can easily tell you what oil is what and when to use each and how. It is amazing how much interest they have in the oils and how well they use them.

It is nice that they have a go-to solution for any negative feeling they may have. I certainly would have loved that when I was in school.

Not only are essential oils great for emotional health and motivation, but they are useful for almost any health ailment! You could, essentially (no pun intended), have your own “magic” essential oil Farmacy in your house, with countless possibilities.



                 You could easily take charge of your family’s health,                                              emotional well-being, mental clarity, and focus.



Try it for yourself and for your family!

I can not forget to add that the oil MUST be certified pure therapeutic grade. MANY essential oil brands are popping up on the market that say “100% pure” and are significantly cheaper than the pure authentic oils. Unfortunately there are no regulations or testing requirements. If there are pesticides or herbicides on the plant at harvest, they are in your oil. If there are other species of plants that are collected during the harvest and not diligently weeded out, they too are in your oil. Sometimes, when it says one thing on the bottle, it does not necessarily mean that that is what is in the bottle. Also, if the plants are grown simply for harvest in nutrient deplete soil and not in their native soils, the plant properties may not be of therapeutic grade. Lavender grown in your back yard does not have the same composition as lavender plants grown and harvested in their indigenous Provence region of France...


Where the oil is sourced, what season it is harvested, the elevation of growth, the climate, the moisture, the soil, the terrain, the ph of the soil all affect the potency of the plant, and therefore the potency of the oil.


To those of you that do not trust essential oils, or do not think that they "work", it is likely that you have not used pure therapeutic grade oil. You can see from above that the sourcing of the plant is vital. Certainly one can guess that a “100% pure” oil that costs $4.98 will not be sourced from its native soils and harvested in a pure an authentic manner and rigorously tested for purity.  

I LOVE DoTerra because they source each oil from it’s indigenous environment, they extract the oils in a slow, lower temperature manner that does not adulterate the constituents. To ensure maximum potency of each essential oil, each plant is harvested at the ideal time by trusted local farmers.  Each batch undergoes thorough chemical analysis, only allowing the pure to be distributed.  This ensures that each bottle purchased contains only the plant constituents. That means there are guaranteed no impurities, no mixed plants, no cutting with false oils, no pesticides, no herbicides, and that the constituents are of the highest quality for therapeutic use. Also, because the plants are harvested and oils extracted in their indigenous countries, DoTerra is providing jobs to the local communities and economies across the globe!


I absolutely love it!

And sure, the oils are more expensive than the $4.98 price tag on the impure competitors, but you

need MUCH less, and get ACTUAL results.

You can not help but be positively affected by pure oils. It is simply chemistry and physiology!

If you wish to have more information about the history and the science of essential oils, an excellent resource is The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD. He goes into depth and nicely lays out the molecular constituents of the oils and their mode of action on our physiology. 

The take home message for us is that for SECONDS and PENNIES a day, you can increase the focus and overall health of your child now, and prevent issues in the future, using authentic pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essentially, these oils can help them be focused, happy, calm, alert, immune to colds and flu, immune to pests, sleep better, wake up rested and with energy, and truly feel…






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