Inspire Curiosity

When a child is curious, they will be inspired to learn, remember, and think outside the box.

Inspire this curiosity in them. Create wonder.

  • Buy them a camera to take as many pictures of what ever they want.
  • Buy a microscope and go around taking samples of things to look at and study.
  • Have an ant farm and inspire amazement with the intricacies of their world.
  • Go to a museum.
  • Buy a globe and discuss the different places of the world.
  • Read a book on weather and actively note the weather each day and see if the predicted weather was correct.
  • Have a bird sanctuary in the back yard and have your child look with binoculars closely at them, perhaps identifying them.
  • Go snorkeling and explore under the water. Go hiking and look for animals, plants, insects.
  • Lift a rock and explore what lives under.
  • Watch a spider build a web.
  • Read books about animals and creatures of all sorts.
  • Travel to different countries and explore how others live, what other animals, plants, and insects are there compared to home…..

So many things in this world are wonderful and fascinating.  

Fascination builds curiosity, and curiosity is the foundation of being….. 


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