Skip The Cereal Aisle

Feeding children is not an easy task. Many of us have difficulty with it and often take the easy road. I am guilty of this at times myself.

You want your child to be self-confident, healthy, beautiful, focused, and smart, but do not always prioritize these goals when making a meal.

My wish is for every child to reach their fullest potential.....not to be complacent, and not to accept mediocrity or the status quo.....

Know that your child is what he eats. His thinking is modified by what he eats. His health is determined by what he eats. Food rules.

Thinking about this, and the fact that your child is dependent on you to make the best food choices for him, should create some brain chemistry of motivation to prepare meals that are in line with optimal health and mental wellbeing.  

I can not blame the majority of people for taking the easy road to meal preparation. The food industry pays big bucks to research what labelling will make your children want their product, and what chemicals will make them crave it and want more. And, they make it as easy as possible to prepare, marketing it to "the busy mom".

Unfortunately, you can not trust the marketing on the food packaging. Food Babe uncovers and dispels the truth......that the food industry is in the business of selling food, not in the business of making anyone healthy. When they claim their product is natural or that it lowers cholesterol, they are making these claims for the sake of sales, not necessarily because it is true. They want you to buy their product. They can easily place labelling on the packaging that suggests that it is healthy so it may appeal to those individuals who care about health. Much of the time, we are being lied to.

Take Cheerios for example. They claim to have healthy whole grain oats and and show children eating it as a finger food. They also claim that it is low in saturated fat which, in turn, can lower your cholesterol. Their researchers have uncovered that people are concerned about fat, cholesterol and heart disease, so they use it in their marketing scheme.

Unfortunately, when we eat cheerios and give them to our babies and children as "healthy" finger food, we are promoting weight gain, brain fog, and disease.....not the suggested increased health.

The cereal company claims the cereal to be low in saturated fat and is part of a healthy diet, but in fact, we need natural saturated fat to be optimal. They are blatantly misleading the public. No wonder mental disorders and obesity are at an all time high.

Natural saturated fat, like that in coconut oil and avocados, increases healthy cholesterol and helps convert bad cholesterol to good cholesterol, helps brain functioning, hormone stabilization, neurotransmitter balance (mood), weight loss, and more.

The first ingredient in a box of Cheerios is whole grain oats. This may be somewhat true, but when you look at a cheerio, it is quite uniform and there is not a whole grain to be found. The ingredient list should say "highly processed whole grain oats". Also, the oats are GMO (genetically modified organism), as are many other ingredients in the box (see for more details). GMO's can not be part of any healthy brainiac eating plan. Highly processed GMO anything is not optimal.

The second ingredient in Cheerios is corn starch. Corn starch is high in calories and very low in nutrition. It is a cheap ingredient. A filler. This is exactly opposite to what your child needs. Not only is it low in nutrients, but there is a good chance your child may be intolerant to it. If intolerant, there are a whole host of negative outcomes, not any of which encourage your child's brain to function optimally.

The third ingredient is sugar. Processed sugar is by far one of the worst things to eat. Sugar disrupts neuroplasticity, destroys existing neurons and connections, feeds countless diseases including diabetes and cancer, and causes weight gain. It is very high in calories and super low in nutrition. 

The forth ingredient is salt. And not the good kind of salt....Iodinized table salt....

The remaining ingredients are preservatives.

I could go into more detail but I think my point is made. This is definitely not a health product for your child. Giving this "food" will not make your child happy, healthy, or smart..... It can only have negative health impacts.

That being said, you can not trust the health advisories on the packaging. You must do our homework. Your child is worth it.

So what should she eat? Well, I hate to say it, but if it has an ingredient list, in most cases don't buy it. Go back to the way it was when mental disorders, depression, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes were not so prevalent. What did they eat? Well, it wasn't something that came in a box with a list of ingredients and preservatives. It was not GMO. It was not heavily laced with pesticides. It was not processed.

It was natural, colourful, nutrient dense, and....... made from scratch.

We have gotten so that our priorities are not in the kitchen. I get it. It's easy. We don't have time. We have this and that to do.

But, it is my hope that if you are reading this post, you won't accept "easy" and "no time" as a cop out. You want your child to be unstoppable. There are 24 hours in a day. Eight hours for sleep, and 16 hours for the rest of the day. Make time in there for your child. Prioritize her health.

If you make this life change, you will be the parent that makes a difference for your child regardless of temptations. You will set yourself apart. Just reading this article sets you apart.

Once you start seeing the positive effects on mental clarity, behaviour, happiness, health, you will be an inspiration to others. If you go back to feeding her foods that were eaten 100 years ago, your child's mind will clear. Depression will be a thing of the past. Energy will be optimal all day. Sleep will come easily. And..... your child won't have sick days! Let's face it, parents don't love sick days....

To answer the question of what to eat...... we have to consider what was available 100 years ago.

Vegetables, fruit, occasional meat, nuts, seeds. The more raw the produce, the better. Some vegetables, however, such as broccoli and spinach, are more nutrient available with slight heating. The heating method is preferable through light steaming. Three to four minutes max for most vegetables.

Choose organic if available. It costs more initially, but it is cheaper in the long run (fewer health and mental problems). You can not put a price tag on how your child is going to feel, act, and think. Give up buying excess "stuff" if you have to to afford buying organic.

Proper nutrition and fewer pesticides and chemicals should be your top priority if your child is going to be........ 



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