The Importance of the Pinky Swear

Kids often intend to do things that they do not follow through with, and many times, it is just let go. If we are to be successful in building an unstoppable brainiac, these things can not be let go. Kids must learn to follow through on their intentions. 

Why is this so important? Well, according to Rolf Dane, a researcher and scientist of the subconscious brain, and developer of DEEP Clearing, the subconscious mind is very influential to every movement, every action or non-action, every reaction, and every decision of our every day. Our thoughts, our happiness, and our energy, are all greatly influenced by our subconscious mind. Rolf discusses, in great detail in his book DEEP Clearing, how the subconscious learns what it learns, and how to keep the subconscious happy and healthy.

One way to keep the subconscious mind quiet and happy, is by keeping your pinky swears (he uses more scientific terms than pinky swear). He describes each "pinky swear" as an intention or a goal, whether big or small. A small intention could be turning the light switch on. A bigger intention could be doing a science project, or learning a new song on the guitar.

This intention, after it is made, sits in the subconscious mind until complete. Each intention, or goal, takes up a limited number of attention units. I imagine that the number of attention units vary between children based on genetics and nutrition.

For the entire duration that an intention remains undone, attention units are being used. The more attention units used, the more energy and brain power is used, not allowing for efficient rational thinking, calm reactions to situations, mental clarity, and a happy state of mind.

How can we help our child free these subconscious attention units so that the unit is free to tackle something else?

  • Teach them to complete their intentions quickly.
  • Do not tolerate or model procrastination.
  • Do not tolerate or model the breaking of pinky swears. A deal is a deal.
  • Help them make a list on paper ALL of the things that they have chosen to do, or have been assigned to do, but have not yet done. Have them include all items that were started and not finished, all failures, and all the items that were complete, but that were knowingly completed poorly. Work poorly done or rushed uses up attention units just as much as undone items. In order to free the attention unit, the task must be done to the child's satisfaction. Sometimes just making this list helps them "see" the goals with the conscious mind and makes the goals appear more manageable. As for the failed efforts, have them retrace their steps to see what went wrong. Encourage them to look at it from all perspectives, including how they felt, what they thought, what they think others thought, and the decisions they made along the way. Failures are a great way to learn if the time is taken to evaluate the why. It is a lesson not likely to be repeated. Have them let it go from their mind once they understand it. It is amazingly freeing. 
  • Encourage them to complete the quickest task on the list first so that the feeling of accomplishment and the closing of the attention unit can give some relief, energy, and joy. If a task can not be done quickly, have them make a date and write down the date they intend on completing it. That frees up the attention unit temporarily and provides some relief and mental clarity. 

Over all, freeing up these attention units will give your child all the energy they need to keep moving forward, instead of dwelling backward. It also, according to Rolf Dane, causes the kids to be brighter and more intelligent, have an improved mental outlook, improved state of mind, improved physical well-being, improved abilities, improved efficiency, better relationships with family and friends, improved reaction to situations, as well as being less stressed because the list will be manageable.

Isn't this what we would want for our child? Sounds so amazing, yet so simple. Try it and let us know how it goes! Try it for yourself! Always keep your pinky promises and you and your brainiac child will be.......




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