The Wonders of Bone Broth

It is not a wive's tale that bone broth can help heal from illness. In fact, it has been consumed for thousands of years for its health promoting properties.

We now know that it is more than just immune building. It is a whole lot more! 

For our brainiacs, in addition to improving immunity, bone broth helps supply and deliver vital electrolytes to the brain which it needs to function at top form. It is loaded with brain building minerals already in a balanced ratio to each other. It has numerous essential nutrients feeding all the cells of the brain and body. It is an excellent source of collagen which helps heal the lining of the gut, which we know from a previous post that when the gut is leaky, so is the brain. As the name implies, a leaky brain can not function properly.

Bone broth also has an abundance of the amino acids needed for the building blocks of your child's optimal brain chemistry, which affects everything from mood, to cognition, to motivation. With the processed foods given, these amino acids are missing. Could this explain the misbehaviour? The hyperactivity? The depression? The lack of focus? If they do not have the building blocks for proper brain chemistry, can you blame them for their behaviour? 

Bone broth also benefits the good bacteria in the gut, which, as we read in a previous blog post on how gut health influences brain health, the health of these bacteria are of utmost importance to your child's brain health, focus, memory, cognitive ability, ability to stay calm and relaxed, ability to fall asleep and to sleep well, and mood, just to name a few.

Last but certainly not least, are the amino acids in the bone broth. They are essential building blocks to the chemicals and hormones needed for proper sleep, thinking, decision making, memory, and motivation.  

It is incredibly easy to make using chicken bones, turkey bones, or beef bones. If you do not wish to make your own broth, be careful purchasing it. It is not always the real thing. Best to get it from a health food store instead of from the grocery store in order to reap the many benefits.

I keep a pot simmering at all times so that warm broth is ready for a drink, a soup base, or a replacement for any water indicated in a recipe. My children love to drink it in special tea cups making it seem like a fancy treat. Whatever it takes, get it into them daily.

Seriously, what other liquid can we consume that can do all these things? Sure, probiotic drinks and fresh vegetable juices are extremely beneficial, but if you were to add in a daily dose of bone broth..... your child would undoubtedly be........



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