Why We Need to Avoid All Sources of Fluoride

Years ago, in the 80's, I remember walking down my school corridor and swishing fluoride in my mouth behind my classmates single file, and then everyone spitting it out when we got to the big bin at the end of the loop. I always dreaded fluoride days because I invariably felt ill immediately afterwards. I knew it was “necessary” for good teeth, so I did not complain. After all, I knew early on that I wanted to be a dentist so I felt I needed perfect teeth.

Little did I know the harm I was putting myself into. The fact that I was ill with each dose was an indicator that something was not right intestinally, even with the tiniest of amounts that dribbled down my throat. I was, in fact, killing intestinal lining cells and causing my nutrient uptake to plummet.

It was years before the schools stopped the fluoride torture. It took a few major illnesses and deaths before it was stopped. We, the students, never caught wind of the reason we no longer had to endure the fluoride corridor ritual, likely because it was still being pumped into our water supply and the higher ups wanted it to stay in the water supply. If the public actually knew how harmful fluoride was and that children have died because of it, they may require that the addition to the water supply be stopped.

After I became a dentist, I knew well the harms of mercury on the body and on the brain, so I refused to have any mercury in my practice from day 1, but fluoride was a different story. I did not know it’s harms, or it’s lack of efficacy. I believed our taught dogma that stated fluoride was absolutely “essential” to strong cavity-free teeth. I gave it to children routinely at their checkups, used it at home, and suggested that cavity prone adults up their fluoride concentration in their toothpaste in an effort to lessen their visits and discomfort.

It took a few years of that practice before delving into the research on my own, and not from what the school gave me. It was actually a patient that kindly brought in a report on the harmfulness of fluoride. I was shocked by what I read! The more I investigated, the more it was confirmed.

Why was this so hidden from dentists of all people? I found out, during this research, that children had died in the dental chair having their fluoride treatment! Why was that hidden or swept under the rug? Shouldn't dentists be made well aware of this danger? 

Politics and big agriculture play a huge roll in sweeping the information under the rug. They profit heavily from dumping their waste product, which is hydrofluorosilicic acid, from the processing of fertilizer, into the water systems. Often times, it has been shown that this waste product fluoride acid also contains arsenic, a known toxin and brain disruptor. This too is added to the water, inadvertently. Two toxins, added to our drinking water.

Seems to me that intelligent beings would check the science behind fluoride and arsenic before allowing entire countries to drink it daily, but I suppose when money is involved, people often look the other way. 

The movie FluorideGate An American Tragedy is excellent at exposing this big business and is a great watch for everyone that is not convinced to non-fluoridated water. 

For this post, I will focus on fluoride’s harm on our children’s brains. 

Many studies and Meta Analyses have concluded that exposure to fluoride prenatally causes a decrease in IQ. This is not disputable. The evidence is clear, and has been for years. In fact, some studies show this conclusion as early as the 1940’s! Exposure to fluoride after birth, continues this trend, but also disrupts the immune system making you more prone to diseases including cancer, weakens bones by making them hard but brittle, weakens the ability to uptake nutrients from the intestinal walls, and can kill you. AND, there is no significant decrease in the number of cavities in fluoridated areas when compared to non-fluoridated areas.

After discovering this, I immediately stopped all fluoride use at my office and in my home. There was no increase in the number of cavities at either location.


No difference.

This, as an aside, was the beginning to my holistic dental practice. I needed to know more about all the toxic things we dentists were giving to our patients thinking and being told that they were “fine”. I joined the International Academy of Oral and Medical Toxicology (IAOMT) and never looked back. Happily for everyone, my office no longer smelled like a dental office! By the way, if your dental office smells like a dental office, turn around and walk out. They are not up to date with toxicology. Dentistry does not need toxic smelly substances to work wonderfully.

Word, luckily, is beginning to come out. Pregnant women are now advised not to drink tap water as it may harm the baby, nor should new moms use tap water for formula mixing. I see bottled water in baby stores that is promoted as being safe for mixing with formula. That is a start.

It honestly boggles my mind that we cannot drink our own tap water because of the toxic waste being dumped in it on purpose! In this day and age! I am still shocked to this day that knowledge of the harmfulness of fluoride is not everywhere. Not taught at school. Not even taught at medical and dental school! I have to defend my position on fluoride all the time to dentists. Unfortunately, because it is easy and quite profitable, most dentists refuse to believe there is any harm.

Big Agriculture started this belief that fluoride is necessary for teeth. They are that powerful. Amazing.

Well, we know that Fluoride is not an essential element.

We know it is a neurotoxin.

It harms the brain.

It harms the development of the brain.

It affects learning and memory.

It affects overall intelligence by causing cell death and by inducing beta-amyloid plaques to form.

These are only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the damage fluoride does.

We must avoid it. Our children must avoid it.

What must we do to avoid fluoride?

Having a safe water source throughout the house is very important. Fluoride can and does permeate through the skin in the shower or the bath. It off gases out of your toilet 24/7 making it accessible to breathing it in. It will also seep into your gum tissues when brushing your teeth.

If your water is fluoridated, the schools, too, will have fluoride. Send your children to school with a glass water bottle with clean drinking water, and encourage them to avoid the fountains. Juice too is often made with fluoridated water. I do not think children should drink juice because of the fructose amounts as discussed here, but if they do, ensure they are drinking it from a factory that is fluoride free, or better yet, make your own.

Be careful frequenting restaurants as all the food may be prepared using fluoride water. I am a big proponent of eating healthy meals at home. Too many unknowns and corner cutting at restaurants with poor quality fats and processed foods. There are some that are quite healthy and are careful about fluoride, but they are few and far between.

Buy or make fluoride-free toothpaste, or just use baking soda and coconut oil. Works like a charm, and both are good for you! Be careful with fluoride free toothpaste. Sometimes there are other toxic ingredients to replace the fluoride.

Limit teas as they are often high in fluoride due to their affinity and uptake from the soil. This is likely natural fluoride and not the byproduct of the fertilizer industry, but it can still have negative effects. Limit tea for your children, especially green and black tea. There are young loose leaf teas, herbal, and white teas that are low in fluoride. These would be healthy.

Bottom line, your child cannot be optimal with fluoride. Cutting out fluoride from all sources will bring your child closer to being…


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